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Monday, September 14, 2015

Grandma and Alex at Disney World (not!)

My adventure started in Tampa where Laura was a keynote speaker at a Working Women's Conference.  My job as a "working woman" was to take care of Alex while she went to meetings,  gave her speech and signed many, many books. 

We began our time together by taking a very hot walk (heat index maybe 101 degrees?) and discovering the Tampa Museum of Art with a special Andy Warhol exhibit.  We spent a wonderful 45 minutes in a cool museum looking at colorful art.  Alex mostly enjoyed the sound of his voice echoing in the high chambers.

That wonderful start boded well, but didn't last.  I developed an infection overnight and had to call my South Bend doctor to send a prescription to the nearest pharmacy.  I was glad to start the meds with some relief fairly soon.  This definitely added a source of tension to the trip.

After the speech, Laura drove us to "Fantasy," the rental house, in Kissimmee, Florida.  It is large, comfortable, clean and has a nice little netted-in swimming pool.  It also has scores of movie star photos and Disney statues and stuffed animals.  The house is one of hundreds that all look alike in a very sterile neighborhood where car access is necessary for anything you might want to do.

Laura and Michael and the three older children have four day passes for all the parks and have filled each day with as much as possible.  They come back with lots of stories about roller coasters, character sightings and other exciting rides and shows.

 Alex and I hang out at the house taking walks around the blocks, playing in the pool, and generally keeping out of trouble.  And trouble is everywhere for an 8 month old baby who crawls fast and lifts himself up on tables and sofas and wants to open all cabinets.  Fortunately, he takes good naps and is such a happy baby when he is awake.

I find I don't feel like reading, watching TV, or doing much of anything when Alex naps.  This is the most effort I have put out in the last two days!  But that's OK.  Tomorrow night I should be home with Grandpa and life as usual.  I'm glad I could sleep well at night and have the energy it takes to keep up with a baby--and his siblings who do raise the level of activity when they show up! 

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