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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Super (Bowl) Sunday

The Super Bowl hasn't even started and I've had a Super Sunday.

It started with a good night of sleep--something I do not take for granted in my life.  I needed it because I was playing the organ for our service today so I was grateful.

I played music that I really liked. I never play stuff I don't like but sometimes I get to play favorites. Today's prelude was Genevan Psalm 47 by  Dutch composer and organist Cor Kee and the postlude was  Little Prelude in F Major by JS Bach. The hymns were strong and lively ones for Transfiguration Sunday.  Love Divine all Love Excelling is familiar and when I heard how beautifully the congregation was singing the first verse in harmony, I scrapped my alternate variation for the last stanza and led them into acappela singing.  It was beautiful.

Our pastor's sermon was powerful; I prayed the prayers and said the liturgy from my heart; and we celebrated communion.

Then there was the Notre Dame women's basketball game in which they were behind the whole game until the last few minutes--and won by five.  I watched the first three quarters at home, napping a bit as I am wont to do on Sunday afternoons especially after playing the organ.

 I tuned in on the radio for the last several minutes while driving to Gloria Dei Lutheran Church for a Bach Cantata sponsored by Notre Dame's Sacred Music Program.  To my delight, it was not just a performance, it was a Vesper worship service in which we all participated in the sung liturgy and prayers.  And what a lovely little church it is in the middle of a downtown neighborhood with its boarded up houses and vacant lots.

And the Super Bowl hasn't even started yet.  I can't remember the last time we really partied for the Super Bowl.  Last year Jim was able to enjoy it with our sons who were stranded here because of the snow storm after Grandma's funeral.  I read my book in the bedroom.  Maybe I'll try to be a better fan with Jim tonight.  There's always the half time show and the commercials!
For the record--and because at the end of the year I make a Blog2Print book for memories--The Broncos won over the Panthers.  Peyton Manning got his 200th victory thanks to his team's strong defense.  Cam Newton, the Panther's quarterback, sulked during his post game interview and walked off with his hoodie up.  Beyonce got lots of attention with her political song Foundation and the commercials were not terrific--except for the singing sheep.  I liked that but don't remember what it was selling!

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