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Friday, May 22, 2015

South Haven through the Years

We have been spending one week in South Haven each summer for years--always in the same condo complex at 223 North Shore or 225 North Shore.  We have also rented other places for weekends during the off season. 

Why do we keep coming back?  Because Lake Michigan is always beautiful--rain or shine--cloudy or sunny.  The sunsets are different each night.  The town is within walking distance and has a small town feel.  We have to drive just a bit more than an hour to get here and friends and relatives often join us for a game of golf or dinner.  And Hawkshead Golf Course is one of Jim's very favorites.

This morning is an example of what we enjoy.  We didn't set an alarm but got up when we were done sleeping.  We ate breakfast and had coffee overlooking a calm Lake Michigan.  Later we walked to town and had a second cup of coffee and a "little sweet," as Jim would say, at Julia's.  It was a bit brisk to sit outside but it was pleasant.

An 1898 German book on Jubilees
Jim walked back to the condo to do some of his work (Jim never leaves his work behind but if he enjoys it so much, why should he?) and I walked to the Black River Bookstore where I browsed for a bit and eventually purchased two used books--mostly to reward them for the entertainment they give me each summer.  On my way back I stopped at the Dyckmann Drawbridge to watch the captains of a fishing charter boat expertly gut the fish caught by their customers.

Yesterday I biked to town and two people made a point of congratulating me on biking.  I'm not sure I liked that.  I think it was the grey hair that inspired them to do so.  That trip cost me a little more money as I shopped in a couple of antique stores (bought a necklace and a silverplate serving spoon) and a handbag shop (a bright pink double clutch). 

We have seen many changes in the last fifteen years or so.  Two of our favorite restaurants are razed with large cottages taking their place.  Our favorite bakery is now a hot dog stand.  The only grocery store we could walk to--Save-A-Lot-- is closed probably because of the new Meijers next to the highway.  I can no longer buy a New York Times at a corner stand, or even at Mac Donald's Drugstore in town. 

But we can get wifi without going to the library and our cell phones work most of the time. 

Yesterday I felt so in love with this place that I looked up the Home Away site to see if I could rent for another week.  I resisted the impulse but I hope we can be back next summer--maybe for two weeks next time.

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  1. Your week in South Haven sounds fabulous; relaxing and fun. There is definitely something about watching the water that I find soothing, sounds like you do too

    Glad you are continuing your blog. I look forward to your posts.