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Friday, May 29, 2015

My Life as a Housewife

Laura has been blogging about household tasks recently especially since her wonderful twice a week housekeeper has taken a full-time job and has not yet been replaced.  These posts provoked many comments with folks weighing in on the efficiency of doing laundry all at once or one load a day--or cleaning all at once or a little each day--or meal planning for the week or just winging it at suppertime.                    

It made me think about my household routines and whether I am satisfied with them.  They certainly have changed over the years.  There were  times when I had house cleaners who came in every other week.  It was so lovely to come home to a clean smelling house. On the other hand, it was a bother to pick up stuff for them--lest the cleaner put them where we could not find them. .  I had to remember to hide a key and if I were home, I always felt uncomfortable and maybe a bit guilty with someone else cleaning my house.  However, it was good to give someone a job--and some of those cleaners really were "gifted" about their work with ideas for improvement in the look of our house.

House cleaning--If I notice something is dirty or dusty, I take care of it.  The only time I really clean is if company is coming and that is not all that often!  Yesterday I cleaned the kitchen floor and vacuumed the family room.  I think I will dust our bedroom today because I saw dust on the night stand. We vacuumed the three season room picking up at least 25 stink bug carcasses behind the sofa.  But the house never has that all over clean smell and feeling and I miss that--but am not willing to put out the effort myself to get it!

Laundry--I do not mind doing the laundry. I could even say I like to do the laundry.   I have a clothes sorter in the laundry room and when a section is full, I do one load.  Rarely do I do more than one load a day.  Jim often puts away his own things and that would be a task I would rather someone else do.

Cooking--I don't love to cook, but I like to eat so I do try to cook healthy and delicious meals.  I'm trying to cook extra and freeze some so that there are easy nights.  I am fairly creative with bits and pieces of whatever is around.  Lots can go into omelets, stir-fries, fried rice, etc.  I look to see what is in the house and then find a recipe to match.  Tonight it's sausage, peppers, snap peas, and pasta in some kind of sauce.  Tomorrow we buy groceries again and start over. Jim is happy to go out to eat often but I know those meals are calorie laden and salty and not as healthy as what we have at home.

Life is so easy compared to the days when there were five of us. .  I wish I could help our kids with meals and other chores at this point but 700 miles is an obstacle.

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