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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Grandma Mary is Going it Alone

Mustache Monday for Spirit Week
Grandma Mary has been on her own with four little ones for 4 hours now and counting.  In 10 hours, Promise, the nanny will  open the garage door and we will all greet her warmly.  I know I will greet her warmly.

Laura is in NYC launching her latest book and doing TV and radio interviews.  She should be home at suppertime tomorrow. Michael is in Geneva for a conference on vaccines.  I am filling in the gaps.
Last night A, age 5 months, was awake from 4-6 am.  Then R, age 3, fell out of bed.  Last night those were Laura's problems.  Tonight they will be mine.

Supper hour had its issues..  I broke a plate and J walked barefooted over the pieces--right after I warned him not to.  We had a picnic outside and it started to rain.  A was good through supper and then fell apart.  It was too early to put him to bed, but that was what he needed.  He fell asleep on his bottle and I put him down at 7:15.  J, age 8,  needed help with his shower and I couldn't figure out how to turn it on.  R couldn't find any stuffed animal she liked for bedtime out of the twenty or so in her room. S, age 5, is in bed in his clothes because his pjs are in the baby's room and we forgot to get them out.  So it goes.

I texted Laura shortly after she left at 2 pm asking her which bottles of wine were off limits--not that I was starting immediately.  Just wanted to know.  I did enjoy a glass in blissful quiet after all four kids were upstairs in bed, sleeping or not.

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