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Monday, June 15, 2015

Home again!

I am sitting quietly on the couch in our own family room drinking my coffee.  I am thinking about the morning routine at Laura's house where I spent the last week.  It's almost time for Jasper to get on the bus.  Laura is probably out there with him now.  The nanny has arrived and is helping with the other children who will be home all day.  Michael is probably on his way to work in Philly--unless he has another longer trip planned.  By this time the baby was probably nursed hours ago and has had his morning cereal.  It is not quiet there at all!

Laura and Michael needed another person to cover the gaps with the kids last week.  Laura had two events in NYC to launch her latest book and one TV interview, Michael had an overseas trip, and R had eye surgery.  Plus Laura ran a half-marathon yesterday.  I did lots of A holding and feeding and took charge of all four when no one else was around. 

There were good moments and not so good moments.  I wrote earlier about my solo time on Tuesday night. 

I had lots of one on one with A, the baby, who is so smiley and responsive--unless he is hungry and tired.   Food and sleep solve that.  You just have to read the signals.  He learned after a day or so of hesitation to open his mouth with a smile when I came near with the spoon full of cereal.

R  is strong willed and very aware of what her brothers are doing.  If J wanted a toasted bagel, she wanted an bagel that was not toasted.  She was very brave about her eye surgery but afterwards the pain or discomfort left her in a state beyond reason.  It was hard on everyone!  But by the next day, she was playing imaginatively with her dolls in her room telling them that she understood that if they didn't like carrots, they did not have to eat them for supper. I wonder who else does not like carrots?

S  was so good with the baby and pleasant company for me. The nanny had written one little story in the new notebook I gave him and he was happy to have me write several more.  He read them over and over again.  It's an exciting break-through for him.

J was at school every day.  When he was home, he was often on his Kindle with ear phones so it was difficult  to get his attention.  I was able to get in one good walk and conversation with him when we left S's tee-ball game early. 

I pray for strength for Laura and Michael and that they make time and energy for each other too.  I prayed for stamina for me--especially in light of the difficulty I have had with insomnia lately.  I was able to sleep enough to have the strength I needed--and it takes a lot of energy to deal with four little ones.  Now I am very thankful to be home. 

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