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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Forever Learning

"Forever Learning" is the name of our local senior citizens program in which dozens of courses are offered each spring and fall.  I am taking my fifth course with this program right now. 

I have learned that I do not like group exercise.  My first class was a great opportunity for me to do  ballet, a skill I missed out on in childhood and something I really wanted to try.  I found it difficult to follow instructions and I did not enjoy the 50 minute lesson each week, even though the teacher was very kind calling us her "divas!"  I tried Zumba thinking maybe a more vigorous exercise would be better.  There was another wonderful teacher but I watched the clock hoping for the end to come soon!

I did better in my "couch potato" classes.  "A Ladies Guide to Football" helped me watch games with more awareness and fewer dumb questions for Jim.   Our teacher even treated us to a classroom tailgate party.   "An Introduction to Rare Books" was  taught by a very knowledgeable retired librarian who had a gift for making everyone in the class feel affirmed and welcome.

This fall I am learning the art of calligraphy.  Again the teacher is upbeat, full of energy, and very helpful.  I enjoy the class more each week and my letters don't look terrible.  Some look pretty good! 

It is always good for me to be a learner again.  It is a humbling experience in many ways.  I feel awkward and insecure but basically accepting of those feelings. 

It does bother me that I am not eager to practice my skills or do homework.  I would rather write about calligraphy right now on this blog than to return to the table and practice my majuscules (aka capital letters.) I dabble in all these new areas but don't stick with anything long enough to really pick up the skills. 

I have been a teacher almost all of my working life.  I am still a teacher in my retirement as I volunteer with an adult student at a homeless shelter. It is good for me to be a learner as well.  It helps me to be patient with my student.   Working with her helps me to be patient with myself too.

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