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Monday, October 26, 2015

Three Score and Ten or by Reason of Strength Four Score...

This fall has been spectacularly beautiful. A single red or orange or yellow tree can make me gasp with joy.  A woods or a canopy overhead of color is beyond words to describe.   On the way to church this morning I said to Jim, "This beauty is not going to last" and he wisely responded, "Enjoy while it lasts." 

My life is going by too fast.  Occasionally a day will seem long but a week flies by.  Didn't I just fill that weekly pill sorter yesterday?  I met a young friend for lunch Friday and thought how could it be a whole year since we met regularly last summer outside Hesburgh Library?  Is it time to think about Christmas gifts already?  (not for me, but someone asked me about it today!)

I look at the obituaries in the South Bend Tribune.  So many of the deaths are of folks my age or younger.  There are some in their 80s but even then I think, "Do I really have just ten years left?"

If there was ever a time in life to think about living in the present and enjoying each moment, this is it! 

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  1. That comic is great. I feel this same way about my kids getting older. Enjoy them sitting on my lap while they still fit there! :) Have you read Gilead by Marilynne Robinson? I'm guessing so, but if you haven't, try it. I just finished it, and really enjoyed the main character's musings about life. Miss you and your organ playing!