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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Getting Ready for Retirement--Jim's Turn

We went to Jim's office today so he could apply for Social Security online at his large screen computer and with my "expert" and "experienced" help.  Mostly my help consisted of saying things like, "Just put something down.  If they don't like it, they'll let you know."  There were questions about what is the official postal address of Notre Dame and maybe more importantly, what actually is the spelling of Jim's middle name? 

When I go to Jim's office, I shudder.  First, there isn't just one office.  Each of the four is full of books and files and offprints and photos and kids' drawings and---even floppy discs.  Well, no more floppy discs.  I packed up a box of such items and we sorted through it at home tonight.

Jim assures me he is dumping papers daily.  I witnessed him giving up a file of old student recommendations to the shredder on the 8th floor of Flanner Hall.

 We are clearing bookshelves here at home to make room for books from the offices. Maybe his graduate students will take books off our hands but so much is available online now-and who needs offprints and back journal issues and even dictionaries in our era? 

Progress was made today.   Somehow it will get done.

Somebody, please take these books!

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