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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

In a Vacation Mode

If our luggage was not already on the Allegiant aircraft, the interminable delay in the South Bend airport with very little information given out last Saturday made us very close to asking for a rebooking or a refund.  One half day of our five day vacation in Clearwater Beach was gone not to be recovered.  
But within minutes of our arrival at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, holding a plastic glass of the champagne with which we were greeted, and looking out from one of our two balconies on our spacious 8th floor room, it all began to be worth the effort.  And it has continued to do so.   
A sundial in the rain

Sunday was a cloudy, rainy day but I enjoyed my trolley ride to the Publix supermarket and to St. Brendan’s Church.  Monday and Tuesday were sunnier but not warm.  The wind is powerful and we have not wanted to sit out on the beach or pool deck.  But we have walked 15,000 steps plus each day and reveled in looking at the Gulf and the palm trees and the white sands. 
How have we filled our hours?  Reading a lot.  Doing crossword puzzles.  Walking in all directions.  Eating seafood and drinking tropical drinks or tonight, after a seafood surfeit, eating pizza and drinking sangria.  For me, researching restaurants and blogging. 
The difficulties of flying and the trapped feeling of being stuck in the airline system and the thought of returning to snow and ice after just a few days is making us think about the possibility of staying here or somewhere else for a month next winter.  Jim most likely will be free from his Notre Dame duties and I can beg off my volunteer obligations.
Sunset over the Gulf
Sunrise over Tampa Bay
But I wonder how we would like that kind of life for a month?  We have been good company for each other for these few days but would we miss the contact of others we know?  Would I have enough to do without my almost daily duties as a docent, tutor, or organist?   What if we needed our doctors or dentist? 
 We would not be in vacation mode for a full month but would need to buy groceries, cook, clean, and do laundry.  If we drove, Jim would have his own golf clubs and would enjoy getting out on courses.   And we could be outside getting exercise and enjoying warmer weather without the threat of ice and snow.  

I don’t know what next year will bring, but it is fun to think of the possibilities. But for now, we are just hoping for an uneventful day of travel home tomorrow.

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