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Friday, March 11, 2016

The Fear of New Gadgets

Jim gave me a Fitbit for Christmas.  I said thank you, but I was not thrilled.  I said that as a part of his gift, he needed to help me download the app and get it started.  We did so without a lot of trouble.  Last week my Fitbit went missing on a wooded trail in a ravine near Laura's house.  I despaired.  I knew I would miss my Fitbit.  We walked back up the trail and to my absolute amazement, I found that little black gadget along the way.  We are reunited and recording steps once again.

Our family gave us a Nixplay for our 70th birthdays at our celebration last week.  Again, I said thank you and what a nice gift to give grandparents.  But I was dreading setting it up.  Last night we pulled it out of the box and went to work.  With just one little crisis (you call that little thing a remote?), we got it going and there was that first photo on the screen!  I added a few more from my laptop, and then got the app for my iphone.  Now I can add photos easily from my iphone albums.

I texted the family with pride and Susan texted back asking to be my Nixplay friend.  That was just one more thing that could go wrong, so I said I would wait until morning.  This morning, I added Susan easily and we now have photos from her as well.

I am pleased to have set up two gadgets that give me pleasure.  Now if we could just make ourselves get the wifi printer up and running.  It has been in its box since August.  Maybe tonight.

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