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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Volunteering Update

Our local library has been a source of much delight for years but especially in my retirement now that I have more time to read.  I have requested many new books or books that are located in another branch in the system.  Usually, within a few days, I get a notice and I go right over and get my book.

As I thought about volunteer options, I thought I could give back to the library. This meant an application, an interview, and worst of all, a drug test.  (I blogged about that earlier.)   This morning, I had my third weekly session of work at the Francis Branch very near our home.  The work is pretty routine but that is fine with me.  I gather the books and audio-visual materials from the deposit bins, put them through a scanning machine where they are "inducted" and sorted into twelve carts.  When I finish with that task, I bring the books to specific shelves  that correspond to each cart.  Someone else shelves the books in the library.

Today, for the first time, I found two incoming books that I wanted to check out.  Both of them were serendipitous finds so that felt like my own little reward.

I have also begun helping with the Homebound program at the downtown library.  I selected books and audiotapes for three women who are among the 190 on their list.  This is a more challenging--to find books they have not had and that they might enjoy.

  I continue to tutor one student through Hope Ministries although because she is not homeless, we are meeting at my church, a convenient place for both of us.  I am delighted with her progress in six weeks and so is she.  She says she is beginning to read signs around town and  to read texts on her phone without involving the dictation app immediately.

I resigned from the docent program at the art museums.  I asked for a two month break from playing the organ at church--my first leave in over 24 years!

I am trying to strike a balance between reducing stress and still staying busy and productive.  For now this seems right.

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