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Saturday, January 28, 2017

A Rough Start but All is Well

The problem started on Thursday evening when I realized my driver's license was missing from my wallet.  We looked everywhere--even the waste basket where I had thrown some outdated cards.  I retrieved my passport so I could use that for ID but I was supposed to be the chauffeur for Jeff's sons in his absence.  I knew my wallet had slipped between the seat and the door of the car on Wednesday--and sure enough, there was the loose driver's license on the floor of the back seat.

Then between that excitement at 10 pm and the anticipation of solo travel and the great despair I feel about every new bit of news from the Oval Office, sleep did not come easily Thursday evening.

Off to the airport at 10 am on Friday.   Why were there so many emergency vehicles waiting on the runway?  It was because the arriving plane--which was to be our departing plane--was in trouble.  So we had to wait for a replacement.  That meant I missed my connecting flight at O'Hare and arrived at Newark too late to meet Dan for a drink in Manhattan before his dinner engagement.

There were a few times during the day when I wondered why I had agreed to help Jeff and Susan out--and how much longer this aging lady could keep up this kind of travel.

But all I had to do was get into my Hilton Garden room on the 21st floor on 33rd Street and look out and it felt great to be in the big city.  I walked a few blocks to the Morgan Museum and appreciated the Emily Dickinson exhibit--free on Friday nights.   I found a wine shop and a Pret Manger and had my own little party in the room.  I was so busy looking for a sandwich shop that I was taken by surprise when I looked up and there was the Empire State Building.

Time to have a conversation with Jim and then to a better night of sleep in a very quiet room in a very busy city.

Saturday: I woke up several times during the night and looked out at the city lights.  Somehow it didn't look quite as glamorous in the morning!   I do like my Hilton brand hotels because they definitely give me upgrades--this time to a room with a view.  .

Dan fit me into his social schedule and had breakfast with me at the restaurant attached to the hotel.   It was a tasty buffet and we had a good chat before he went off to his climbing wall appointment.  I forgot to take a photo while we were chatting so he sent me a selfie at the wall.

I walked to Penn Station, waited a bit for the next NJ Transit train, and watched the play by play loss of Notre Dame to Georgia Tech on my iphone while traveling.  Jeff picked me up at Princeton Junction or rather, I should say, my grandson picked me up at Princeton Junction.  This was a milestone in my life.   It was only legal if Jeff was in the front seat with him.  He did just fine!

Right now Jeff is fixing stir-fry for supper and it smells wonderful.  Another treat--having your son cook your meal!

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