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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Days 4-7 of our East Coast Journey

Saturday was very rainy so there was no Little League baseball game.  We drove to Ardmore and returned our rental car-- leaving the keys in the slot.  The reckoning for the scratched bumper was postponed.  (and actually never happened!)

Jim, Laura and A stayed home while the rest of us went to the brand new Museum of the American Revolution in downtown Philadelphia.  The kids had strenuously objected to going.   As it turned out, everyone had a good time after all.  R and I stayed together and I followed her lead.  If something interested her, we stayed at it.  If not, we moved on.  She had a hard time deciding whether or not to do the immersion experience of the Battle of Brandywine but decided to pass on it.   Probably a good idea!   She got to help load the cannon on the privateer ship twice!

 Michael fixed his great fajitas for supper.  We had ice cream cake for J's birthday--he will be 10 on Tuesday. Jim and I (and Laura) were in bed before the little boys and the "big boys" Dan and Michael.

Sunday morning Laura, Jim and I went to church with A and J. ( S and R  had swim lessons.)  It was a good service with grand music. On the weekend the kids get lots of screen time,  sometimes even in a cooperative fashion! A went on a long walk with Jim and me to the Henry Botanical area.    Michael grilled fabulous steaks in between rain drops and then brought Dan to the train station to return to NYC.

Monday--Because we were able to see Dan so much this weekend and he had to leave for a business trip Tuesday morning, our plans changed.  We borrowed  Laura's car and went to Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania for an overnight at the historic inn there.  We walked up and down the hilly streets of the town and then drove to the Jim Thorpe Memorial.  On our second try, we found the route to the Glen Ocono Falls.  Sadly, we never saw the falls because we were wearing sneakers and dissuaded by this sign!

The view from the balcony of the inn
We enjoyed supper in the bar in the hotel and a glass of wine there later in the evening.  We watched the Celtics win a close and exciting 7th game in the series before going to bed.

Today the plan is to return Laura's car, take Amtrak from Ardmore to the Newark train station, get an Uber ride to the Hilton Hotel at the airport, spend the night and then take a 12:40 flight back through Detroit to South Bend.  I hope all goes according to plan and I don't need to add any more postscipts!


One postscript I do want to add--the beautiful lunch G, Laura's wonderful nanny, fixed for us before we went to the train station.

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