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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Travel the Easy Way (so far!)

We left home at 8:30 on Wednesday, May 17, and by 3:15 we were in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania.  The flights were on time and easy.  There was a bit of confusion finding the Uber driver but that ride was amazingly traffic-free also.

We helped out with transporting J to swimming while G (the nanny) drove R to karate and Jim stayed home with S and A.  G got A to bed and we finished the process with the others.  In the past we have been up with A many times very early as he would cry or call Mommy.  This time he slept until 6:30 or more and the first we heard of him was his happy voice singing "Jingle Bells" in his room!

Jim was not pleased that I had told G she could come in late.   So we were in charge of getting J to choir at 8, S to the bus at 8:30 and R to school at 9.  And we coped!   R's teachers at Weatherwilt School were so eager to show me their pre-K classroom and I loved seeing their pride in their work.

Laura was home by 11 so we chatted for a while.  She brought us to Ardmore to pick up our rental car from Enterprise.   We drove the 1 hour 20 minute ride to Homewood Suites, our home away from home in Princeton.

Jeff fixed us a wonderful London Broil steak and then we all went to M's jazz band concert.  I grinned from beginning to end during the performance of the 7th grade and 8th grade bands.  The big band sound was far beyond what anyone could expect of teens.  I loved seeing  kids from diverse backgrounds playing classical American jazz--The A Train, for example.

Friday was a laid back day in which we had coffee with the Moorheads, friends from NC State days, who have been in Princeton for over 30 years now.   We walked along the Delaware Raritan Canal and then picked up Dan from Princeeton Junction.  Seven of us had many laughs over our take-out Olive Garden meal.  Katie was having dinner with friends.

The only sad part of the day was my scraping the rental car along the bricks in Jeff's driveway.  I was so angry with myself and dread the resulting penalty.  Dan was very cool about it and so was Jim.  Jeff and Susan said they had both done it before--but a rental car!  Ugh.

It's raining hard now and will be all day.  Jeff was supposed to coach M's baseball game but it was cancelled.  We hope to head to Gladwyne around noon again.

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