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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Lonely? Bored?

My day was without any appointments or duties.  I left home once briefly to return books to the library and to buy a few groceries in preparation for an event tomorrow.  Otherwise, I had no plans.

A neighbor asked me yesterday if I got lonely without daily work contacts.  I guess I do get lonely and bored at times, but if I do, it's my own fault.  There are many good things to do and a world of learning and fun and friends all literally at my finger tips on the keys of my laptop.

A few weeks ago I posted a review of a Van Gogh  biography on Goodreads.  My Facebook friend Raully said that even though he guessed I was probably not a Dr.Who fan, I might like Vincent and the Doctor, Season 5, Episode 10.  With a little bit of effort, I found a free video and enjoyed 45 minutes of great entertainment.  Afterwards I increased my "cultural literacy" when I read more about Dr. Who. 

My friend Maggie suggested I might enjoy Frederick Buechner's memoirs.   I started Sacred Journey. reluctantly, feeling overwhelmed by his long paragraphs and flowery language but was glad I stuck with it.  I plan to read the sequels.   Reading a bit more on Goodreads led me to an interview with the 86 year old Buechner in The Princetonian , an alumni magazine,  in which he reflects on why he writes (and maybe this is why I write too!)

“Because otherwise it’s just a lot of wasted effort,” explains Buechner, a cane by his side. “To live is to experience all sorts of things. It would be a shame to experience them — these rich experiences of sadness and happiness and success and failure — and then have it just all vanish, like a dream when you wake up. I find it interesting, to put it mildly, to keep track of it and think about it.”
Then tonight I traveled to Amsterdam with Rick Steves who takes me on a nightly trip to Europe and places I have seen and many others I probably never will see.

So, the day was not boring or lonely.  In fact,  I only got half way through the bathroom cleaning I started earlier.  It can wait until another day!

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