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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Reflections on Changing Roles

I love to plan trips.  I love to travel most of the time.  And I love to reflect on the good times afterwards.

This morning I am chuckling to myself at a comment Dan made after we visited the new Whitney Museum in lower Manhattan a week ago.   I went up to the counter and as I ordered "one adult,"  Dan wondered what I was doing and what I was going to call him--forgetting that he was the "one adult" and I was going to be the "senior." 

Earlier in the evening, Jim and I found our way to the Whitney to meet Dan but not without uncertainty and several iPhone checks.  I know we didn't take the straightest and easiest route from the L station. When Dan was with us, we followed his expert lead as we walked to Ribalta's in Union Square where he made suggestions for the best pizzas  and treated us to dinner.  We followed his lead again as he chose the best subway for us to take back to the hotel--the limited that stopped at 51st Street and not the express that went to Grand Central. 

We ended the evening with drinks at our hotel.  That is,  two of us ended our evening.  Dan was on to his next engagement meeting friends back in Williamsburg at 10 pm.

Our roles in life are changing,  I hope we don't get to the stage when our children need to take the role of parents for us--or care givers.  For now, we can enjoy their company--and we hope they enjoy ours!

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