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Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Circle of Life--and Christmas Trees

Jim and I made an important decision this year to buy a small Christmas tree.  No more struggling to tie a large tree in the trunk, to fit it into the rusty old stand, or to find enough lights that still work.  No need for one of us to be holding the tree while the other one determines if it is straight or not. We bought a little table top tree.  Our son Jeff said it was bigger than the one he and Susan had in their first apartment.  I can't remember what we had in our first apartment. 

I posted a photo on Facebook and it got an amazing number of "likes" and comments.  I think the whole idea of a small tree--or an artificial tree--or no tree at all--is something that folks our age can relate to.  At least we still have a real tree.  It doesn't smell like our usual Fraser Firs and we had to make decisions about which ornaments were worth using, but we are very happy with our cozy little tree.  And how easy it will be to take it down and carry it to the curb in a few weeks.

This was an easy "rite of passage" even if it is a recognition of our getting older and making changes.   

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