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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Birthday Gift

My birthday cake as seen on Nixplay
My birthday is tomorrow.  70 years old.  I need to be grateful and I am--for good health, for Jim and the kids and grand-kids, for friends, for things to do.  But 70 just sounds so old to me!

Yesterday however I had a moment of absolute delight in connection with my birthday.  A cousin at my step-mother's funeral put me in touch with my childhood best friend Judy.  We  had lost touch from maybe age 12 on even though we were in college at the same time and the same place.  I contacted her by email and we have exchanged emails twice now.  I mentioned that I remembered the date of her birthday because that was always a fun day for me.  And to my amazement she sent me birthday greetings this week too.  She remembered my date as well.  It made me happy to renew our friendship--but also to know that date was important to her also!

Jim and I are going out to eat tonight to celebrate--a day early.  I slept well last night and feel great.  That is not always the case and it might not be true tomorrow.  Seize the day!  Carpe diem!  Plus Jim wants to do some demo day for golf tomorrow.  Maybe we'll go out again tomorrow.  We're going to Ruth's Chris tonight--far too expensive but we have a $50 gift certificate for donating to our public radio station.  However, the expiration date said 4/1/16.  Oops.  I called the restaurant and they will honor it--maybe not happily however.  Hope we still get treated well. $50 will only be a start on their menu prices.

What will the next year bring?  Or the next decade?  Will there be big changes in our lives?  Or will we just little by little give up some things--like driving at night or traveling overseas--both of which we are avoiding even now.

Enough pondering.  I will enjoy the celebration today and not think about tomorrow or next year or ten years from now.

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