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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Date with my Husband

I've been restless lately, so I suggested we drive to Lake Michigan at suppertime yesterday.  We took US 12 through the corn fields to New Buffalo where we planned to have the legendary burgers at Redamak's.  It looked like a line outside the restaurant so we went to the beach first.  Parking at the beach itself was $10 so we turned around and parked free in town.  This gave us a nice walk to the lake. 

As we walked, we noticed the clouds getting darker and darker.  The sky was quite dramatic.  My trusty Dark Sky app said it would rain in ten minutes.  We took a quick look at the harbor and  headed back to the car.  We called Redamak's to see how long the wait would be for just two of us.  "Ten to fifteen minute," said the hostess. 

We do not wait for tables so we headed back on US12 to Three Oaks where we stopped at Featherbone Restaurant and Lounge.  This was an experience.  Monday was $1 draft night and maybe that made a difference.  Jim and I missed the dress code of sleeveless t-shirts with tattoos visible.  The bar had a lineup of ten very large and noisy men. 

However, the burger I had was one of the best I have ever had and the beer (not one of the $1 drafts) was great too. 

So it was a date not according to plan, but a bit of an adventure. 

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