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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Reading a Good Book

A Facebook friend posted a challenge: " Name a book you accept as one of the best books of all time that you have not (yet) read."    The usual ones came up--War and Peace, Moby Dick, Crime and Punishment, etc. I was happy to see that others had not read To Kill a Mockingbird.  I have started it more than once and never got very far.

War and Peace--I read it while nursing Dan 31 years ago--mostly in the middle of the night--a few short chapters at a time.

Moby Dick--I read it during college and even wrote a paper on it. 

Crime and Punishment--I might never get around to this one or any other Russian novels.

The Divine Comedy--I was inspired to try reading this by a 12Blog by Jennifer Holberg.  I have not done well.  I have read about eight cantos aloud but it is pretty dreary!  I may not have the discipline to continue.

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man-- I read Chapter One today and I do think I will go on this time.  I've given up on it more than once before.

I posted a reply on Facebook that it certainly is not that I don't have time to read the great works of literature.  And I do always like to have a book that I am enjoying reading.  But it has to be just the right one for the right time.  That can be hard to find.

I have just reread The Closers, a Michael Connelly crime novel. and enjoyed it.  I enjoyed Pete Hammill"s North River immensely but his short stories have not given me the same pleasure.  .I know, these are not great literature, but they were great reads!   I would say that I read one out of every two books I bring home from the library. 

Probably my favorite genre is memoir.  But not from entertainment personalities--and not always from politicians.  I welcome suggestions.

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