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Monday, July 6, 2015

Three Doctors' Appointments in One Day!

I'm glad that three doctors' appointments in one day is an anomaly and not part of our regular routine!  Jim had two of them; I had one.  All were regular checkups and reassuring.

Jim continues to have issues with his "good" eye.  The infection and subsequent irritations started over a year ago and just don't seem to go away.  He has had regular appointments and changes in medications and most of the time, he can see well enough.  It's the occasional cloudiness that is scary.

We are very thankful that his rheumatoid arthritis is under control and has presented no problems in the last nine months since it was diagnosed and treated.  And even though the medication compromises his immune system, he has been healthy. 

My brief appointment was for a medication check dealing with the insomnia I have experienced.  That too is much better. I shared the online program that has helped me:  My doctor's initial reaction was "that's not a supplement, is it?" and I assured him it was not!  I might blog more about that later. 

When we talk about Jim's retirement and the possibility of living elsewhere, we remember how much we like our doctors here in South Bend and the familiarity of using a hospital where we know many others on staff.  It's a reason to stay right here in comfortable surroundings.

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