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Monday, June 20, 2016

Medicare Musings, Part 2

We did it!  We signed up for a Medicare Advantage Plan.  Once again it took about 1 1/2 hours with David, the AON representative, on the phone as he patiently answered  our many questions.  We put him on the speaker phone so we could communicate easily while checking information on the AON website.

At least three of the questions began with something like this:  "One of our friends chose....because of ...."  Turns out that in one case, the option is not offered in Indiana.  In another, one doesn't know what was revealed. or what questions were asked.  And in the third, it just didn't seem like the right option for us.

Poor David.  He had to read long statements with legal ramifications and we had to say things like, "I understand."  Or "I agree."  And we had to do it one by one so he had to do it twice.

But it is decided for better or worse.  If we stay healthy, it will be for the better!

A few days later: We felt  good about the Medicare decision but that seemed to free my mind to think about finances and the next scheduled call from TIAA-CREF about required minimum distributions and how to manage those.  We are so blessed that Jim and his univesities have contributed to retirement plans for 40 years but I find it all very confusing and we want to be smart about retirement plans.  So I lay awake that night with my head buzzing.  Turns out Jim was lying awake too feeling overwhelmed about all those boxes in his office and how he can't find books when he needs them.

 We agreed it is a time of transition and we have to recognize that.  We will be glad when, in a month or two, we know what to expect for income and doctor bills and prescription orders and life will fall into a new routine for us.

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