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Monday, June 20, 2016

Singing with the Band

I had taken two months off from playing the organ in church and was glad to be free of that stress in my life.  However, this week, David, our worship director, asked if I would be willing to lead singing with the band.  All the young folks who sing were off for a weekend of service.  The older singers had other duties.  I was needed!  I did ask David if I had to wear very high heels as part of the dress code and he said, "No, but I will get back to you on the skirt length!"

 I thought it would be fun. But I still got stressed on Saturday night when the first song "The Lord be with You" just wouldn't get out of my head.

And it was fun to blend voices with Lisa, a strong alto, and sing along with the guitars, mandolin and piano.  It wasn't all that intimidating because the congregation is singing along and one is not a performer or soloist, but a leader in worship.

So I have made my debut and would be happy to do it again as the only grey-haired member of a contemporary praise team  in local history.

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